Wednesday, 14 December 2011

No 9 // Starstories

Today I'll show you a little preview of the illustration project I am doing this semester. It will be a book about the stories and myths behind the constellations, a topic I'm interested for quite a few years now.
Naturally, I can't do 88 constellations in one semester, so for now I'll focus on the constellations that take part in the story of Andromeda.

The illustrations are not finished yet, they still lack many details, but I'm still trying out various things. Some parts will also be exchanged when I found better paper.

Sorry for the bad photos, my home scanner is too small to scan the pictures. Once I'm finished with an ilustration, I will show you a better version. Oh, and the first two are only parts taken from a bigger picture.

Cepheus, Andromeda and Cassiopeia

Perseus on Pegasus


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  1. Oh!I like this one very much!The technik is very nice and the expression´s great!