Monday, 10 February 2014

No 27 // News, news, news!

Long time no see, I guess. That didn't mean I wasn't active, though.
I've got some news for you!

1) I've got a homepage now! ->
There's still some sections I want to make nicer, but all in all it's done. Feel free to pay it a visit!
I will still keep this blog as a part of the homepage, though.

2) Some of my illustrations have been published! You can check them out on the homepage under "published work".

3) I'm now studying Scandinavian and German studies since last October.  Not because I want to stop doing Illustration/Design (hell, no!) but Scandinavian studies have always been my second choice and I felt like I would have regretted not doing it. It's a bit stressful to coordinate university and illustration stuff, but I still love it a lot.  I'm soon beginning my fourth semester of Norwegian (I already started learning it before starting to study the subject) and am already quite good :)!

4) I'm going to take part in the 1st transfer comicfestival in Dortmund next weekend, both showing some of my work at the exhibition and also having a little presentation, together with Lara and Udo. (

I guess that's it for now. I will upload new stuff soon, as I'm doing some stuff for my portfolio for Bologna children's book fair in March :> !

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